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The US Severs Ties With WHO

On 29/5, US President Donald Trump announced that the country would "cut ties" and stop providing budget for World Health Organization (WHO).

Speaking at a White House press conference, President Trump criticized WHO was "hiding information" and "mismanagement" in coping with COVID-19.

Mr. Trump also said that WHO did not complete the "basic tasks" and "did not make necessary reforms". According to the US leader, WHO is responsible for the damage caused by COVID-19.

Mr. Trump added that the US will divert the funds previously allocated to WHO "to other countries around the world, worthy of the urgent medical needs of the people".

Earlier, President Trump has repeatedly threatened to cut the budget for WHO due to his dissatisfaction with the way the organization deals with COVID-19.

The United States is the largest WHO donor, providing at least $ 400 million to the organization in 2019.

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