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The World Records More Than 4.6 Million COVID-19 Cases, As The Number Of Deaths Exceeds 308,000

Kenyan people line up for their turn to be tested for COVID-19 (Image: AFP)

According to the statistics page, as of May 16, the world recorded more than 4.6 million COVID-19 infections, of which the number of deaths exceeded 308,000.

Precisely, 4,618,841 COVID-19 infections have been recorded worldwide, an increase of 96,852 cases compared to the previous 24 hours. As the number of deaths reached 308,035, an increase of 4.953 compared to yesterday. There are 1,749,648 cases recovered.

The United States is still the country most affected by the epidemic with 1,482,474 cases of COVID-19, an increase of 24,881 cases. There have been 88,418 deaths recorded in the US, an increase of 1,506 cases.

Followed by Spain (274,367 cases, 27,459 deaths); Russia (262,843 cases, 2,418 deaths); Europe (236,711 cases, 33,998 deaths).

The epidemic situation in Europe is still very much complicated. Among the top 10 countries in the number of COVID-19 infections, 6 are in European countries: Spain, Russia, England, Italy, France and Germany.

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