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Thousands Of Protesters Protest Blockade Orders In Germany, Spain

On May 23, thousands of cars and motorbikes participated in protests against a blockade in Spain. In Germany, the same day nearly 30 marches took place in Berlin and many other cities for the same reason.

On May 23, thousands of motorbikes and cars passed through the capital Madrid ( Spain ) and honk loudly, as part of a nationwide protest against the blockade in the country - France 24 for good.

Protesters call for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias to resign because of how to handle the COVID-19 epidemic crisis, especially the imposition of limited measures, causing severe damage to the country's economy this makes many people lose their jobs.

"It is time to end the restriction order that Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias are applying to the Spaniards. It is time to speak out against the government because it has led to the current unemployment situation."
A protester said.
Responding to the protest, the right-wing leader Santiago Abascal of the far-right party Vox spoke to EsRadio, demanding that the Spanish government be directly responsible for "coping with this terrible crisis".

Similarly, according to German police, the same day 23/5, there were nearly 30 marches, protests took place in the capital Berlin and many other cities across the country, to protest blockade measures due to the epidemic. COVID-19.

In Hamburg, 750 people participated in the march. Police had to use water cannons to disperse a march of about 120 participants. The police also arrested many extremist protesters.

Since the beginning of April, marches have been held every week in major German cities. Protesters believe that government restrictions have violated individual freedoms.

However, speaking on 23 May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that limited measures due to the COVID-19 epidemic were necessary. Meanwhile, experts are also concerned about the risk of a second wave of infection in the country.

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