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Trump Revealed The 'Super-Superior' Missile Far Surpassed China And Russia

President Donald Trump said the United States was developing a "supersonic rocket" to outpace military rivals including Russia and China.

Business Insider quoted Trump as saying when he was sitting at the Resolute Desk, the famous desk of the presidents: 
“We are building a supernatural military device that no one has have seen before. We have no other choice, we have to do it because our opponents are out there. ”
"I called it a super rocket, the other night I heard it flew 17 times faster than what they are now."
 he said.

The Guardian said Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who stood next to the Resolve Desk, confirmed President Trump's words: 
"That's right."
The White House boss said that Russia has missiles five times faster than conventional missiles, China is producing missiles five or six times faster, and "we have 17 times faster missiles, it It is true that leading up ".

According to Business Insider, reporters asked for details about President Trump's statement, but Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said: 
“I don't have any new information to provide you with. that."
In February, President Trump also mentioned the US "speed missiles":
"We have super-fast missiles - huge numbers. We call them 'superfast', in which they fly 4, 5, 6 or even 7 times faster than conventional rockets. ”

President Trump added: 
“We need them because Russia has some [such missiles]. And China, as you know it, is also making it. ”

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