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UK decided Against compromising in trade negotiations with the EU

The process of UK - EU trade negotiations has not achieved the expected results 

On May 14, at the Cabinet meeting, the top ministers of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's administration were updated on the negotiations on the country's trade relationship with the European Union (EU).

Presenting the report, negotiator David Frost said the UK had no special requirements in the negotiations other than a free trade agreement with the EU.

However, Britain's leading ministers agreed that the country would not give up the rights of an independent country by surrendering to EU requests at future relations talks between the two sides.

British Prime Minister said: 
"The cabinet agreed that we would not agree with the claim demanding that we give up the rights of an independent country, especially when the EU shows limits. Such restrictions are unnecessary through their agreements with other countries like Canada ".
Responding to the press, the spokesman also asserted that any trade agreements reached with the US must serve the entire UK and all imports must meet "strict food safety standards of London.”

Earlier, quoted by several British officials, the Financial Times reported that the British government is also drafting a plan to cut taxes on agricultural products imported from the US, to promote a trade deal.

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