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UK Extends Lockdown By 3 More weeks

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on 10/5 that he would extend the blockade for the COVID-19 epidemic to at least June 1. 

The announcement came as Mr. Johnson announced plans to carefully remove travel restrictions that were applied seven weeks ago.

Speaking on television, Mr. Johnson said: 

"This week is not an easy time to end the blockade." 

However, the British leader added that some elementary schools can accommodate students and some stores may reopen on June 1.

In addition, Prime Minister Johnson said some public places could be reopened from July 1, but warned that passengers arriving on the plane to the UK would have to implement isolation measures.  

He has now recorded nearly 32,000 deaths from COVID-19, the highest in Europe and second only to the world after the US. The government is under pressure to soon come up with a plan to lift the blockade.

According to Mr. Johnson, "a conditional plan" is expected to be presented at the British Parliament on 11/5. The British Prime Minister noted that it would be "foolish" to remove the blockade but wasting the sacrifices of the people since the blockade was imposed.

Statistics on the monitoring site show that England had 219,183 cases of COVID-19, including 31,855 deaths. In the past 24 hours, the country has added 3,923 new infections and 268 deaths.

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