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UK Planning To Phase Out Huawei Equipment From Its 5G Networks

According to reports the members of the UK Parliament have pushed for the Chinese telcom’s tech Huawei to be removed from the UK 5G networks by 2023.

After repelling force from the US to do so for months now, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is apparently getting ready to phase out the use of all Huawei equipment from the UK 5G networks, this information was revealed by the Financial Times. 

While also quoting the concerns of the national security, as members of the UK Tory party have pressed for Huawei technology to be removed from the 5G networks and the rest of all other of its telecom network by 2023.

The Trump administration had earlier banned the use of Huawei technology and the US President had signed an executive order stopping US companies from buying Foreign made telecommunication equipment which he said might pose as a risk on national security.

Although the executive order had not singled out a particular company but it is viewed as a way of excluding the Chinese firms like ZTE and Huawei from doing business with the US.

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