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US Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt Is About To Return To The South China Sea

The U.S. Navy's Theodore Roosevelt will resume service later this week after taking a break of nearly two months because more than 1,000 of its crew were infected with the Wuhan virus. 

The reappearance of this aircraft carrier will contribute to repelling China's ambitions in the South China Sea, according to Fox News on Tuesday.

Since mid-March, coinciding with Theodore Roosevelt's visit to Guam and suspending operations due to Covid-19 influence, Chinese warplanes have harassed US reconnaissance aircraft at least 9 times in the South China Sea. 

Reed B. Werner, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Southeast Asia, told Fox News that:

"We see the current trend as very worrying."
"We continue to witness China's destabilizing behavior in the South China Sea during the pandemic. Covid-19 and while the countries are focusing inward, China continues to promote their activities in this sea.

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