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US Presidential Election: Candidate Joe Biden Continues To Overwhelm Mr. Trump

Sheet Newsweek led the recent exploration results from CNBC , YouGov and Monmouth University, said the presidential candidate Joe Biden candidacy is "ahead" incumbent President Donald Trump from 3-9 points.

Meanwhile, according to CNN analysis on May 10, the average results of the surveys showed that Mr. Biden is 6 points ahead of the Republican opponent. In addition, all surveys conducted in early 2019 showed that Mr. Biden had increased the same number of points.

"The stability in these polls is gradually breaking records. Biden's advantage is the most stable in the race against an incumbent running for president, at least since 1944.”
 CNN said.
However, a survey conducted by Morning Consult showed that Mr. Biden is at risk of facing negative impacts due to allegations of sexual harassment by Ms. Tara Reade, who was an assistant to Mr. Biden during the period. 12/1992 - 8/1993, launched.

Specifically, according to the poll, 26% of Democratic voters think Biden should be removed from the party's candidate position due to Ms. Reade's allegations. According to these people, the "certain" or "probably" Democratic Party must choose another candidate instead of Mr. Biden to run for president.

A significant lead in national surveys does not mean victory. In the 2016 election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton once surpassed Mr. Trump by 20 points and still could not beat the Republican opponent.

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