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US sells $ 1.4 billion Patriot to Kuwait

The U.S. State Department decided to approve $ 1 billion 425 million in military sales to Kuwait for the repair and maintenance of Patriot systems and the supply of anti-missile ammunition.

The U.S. Defense, Security, Cooperation Agency made a statement regarding three sales packages of 800 million, 425 million and 200 million dollars, which were supplied to Kuwait as part of foreign military sales.

In the statement regarding the sale, it was stated that in the package of $ 800 million, there are 84 Advanced Ability Patriot (PAC-3) Missile Prevention Ammunition and capsules, 2 Missile Prevention Test Ammunition, 35 modernized Patriot Modification Kit and related elements.

In the 200 million dollar sales package, it was stated that Patriot GEM-T type missile and missile parts repair service, necessary test and support equipment, technical data and personnel training documents.

In the statement, it was noted that the sales package of $ 425 million included technical support, repair, maintenance and equipment services for the PAC-3 Area Observation Program, Patriot Missile Support Center and related equipment exclusive to each country, as well as the Kuwait Missile Assembly and Disassembly Facility.

While the notification about the sale is sent to the Congress, the Congress must not object within 30 business days for the sale to take place.

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