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WHO: China Has Not Yet Invited Us To Participate In The COVID-19 Origin Investigation

China has yet to allow World Health Organization (WHO) experts to participate in the Covid-19 origin investigation, the WHO representative in China said. 

"We know that a number of national surveys ongoing but at this stage, we have not been invited."
Dr. Gauden Galea WHO Representative in China, exchanged with Sky News.
“WHO is making requests to the health committee and the Chinese government on this issue. The origin of the virus is very important, the animal-human interaction [in the transmission of the virus] is extremely important and needs to be studied. ”
Mr. Galea said.

Galea told Sky that world health professionals "need to know as much as possible to prevent the recurrence" of a similar epidemic, according to The Epoch Times.

When asked if there was a good reason to exclude WHO from the investigation, Mr. Galea replied:
 "From our point of view, no".
China has repeatedly prevented American experts from entering the country to support research into acute pneumonia caused by the new strain of coronavirus in January and February. 

China has not yet allowed US experts or health officials from other Western countries to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a laboratory near the outbreak, according to US officials.
WHO sent an investigative team to China in February to analyze the virus and its reaction to the disease outbreak. The report that followed was largely a positive WHO compliment to China.

The United States suspended funding for WHO after questioning its intimate relationship with the CCP and whether it helped China cover up the outbreak level earlier this year. 

Last month Australia said all WHO members should support an independent investigation into the origin and spread of the virus.

In response, China's Foreign Ministry said Chinese people could stop buying products from Australia and avoid studying at universities in the country.

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