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WHO: The COVID-19 Second Epidemic Can Break Out At Any Time

Mike Ryan, head of the WHO Emergency Medical Program (Image: AFP)

News agency Reuters quoted CEO emergency medical program of World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Michael Ryan 25/5 warned some countries may still face "2nd top pandemic", if they engage in premature removal of anti-COVID-19 measures.

Senior WHO officials say diseases such as COVID-19 often evolve into waves. Therefore, a new outbreak could recur this year in areas where the first wave has weakened.

"We need to know the fact that the COVID-19 epidemic may break out at any time. We do not make any clear statement as the disease is settling down but we need to be prepared to face the second wave of epidemics. 2 in the next few months. At that time, there may still be a peak in the second wave."
 Mr. Ryan said

Ryan confirmed that the world is still in the first wave of SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak. The number of cases is decreasing in many countries, but increasing in Central and South America, South Asia and Africa.

According to Dr. Ryan, countries in Europe and North America should continue to implement public and social health measures, surveillance measures, testing measures and a comprehensive strategy to ensure repel the disease.

The WHO representative's warning came after many European countries and states in the United States recently removed anti-epidemic measures, in part because they have severely damaged economic activity. International.

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