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Who Is The Beauty Predicted By Fans To Become Miss Universe Cambodia 2020?

Kongka Chan - Potential contestant of the Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 contest is now supported by fans in this country to become the next representative of Cambodia to win the first Big6 crown.

The Miss Universe Cambodia - Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 contest is ready to come to the journey to find the fourth successor to this country. The winner will take responsibility from Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 - Somnang Alyna, and have the right to represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020's most intense playground.

The full list of candidates currently has not been revealed. However, in the list of predictions and most desires of fans in this country has appeared many potential names and gathered enough skills to represent Cambodia in Miss Universe. Kongka Chan is one of the impressive beauties on this special list.

Beauty Kongka Chan, 22 years old, attended Cambodia's Next Top Model season 1. This is the place where she passed nearly fifty contestants at the beginning to win the championship. 

Kongka owns a height of 1m69 and comes from Kaub, Bântéay Méan Cheay. Currently, beautiful people are living and developing their career in the capital, Phnom Penh.

Since winning the Next Top Model, Kongka has been operating successfully as a model in this country. Besides, she is a young businesswoman. Kongka Chan is also the host for the entertainment show "Chit-chat with Kongka".

Her attraction is her bright, characteristic smile. Kongka's self-affirmation path is not easy because it takes a lot of effort and determination to get success today. The beauty hopes that her inspirational story will positively influence the wave of Cambodian women who rise up and pursue their dreams.

"After 4 years as a model, I came into contact with many brands and designers. Then when I started modeling, people considered it a short-term career. So you need to build something besides it."
Kongka said of her passion for the job.

After stepping out from the Next Top Model, beauties began to attack the international market. She represents many famous brands and rose to the ranks of influential media celebrities in 2019.

Kongka's personal life story is nothing but inspirational. She was born into a poor family in the province of Banteay Meanchey, life was difficult during growing up. Because of the desire to have money to support the six daughters, her parents had to go to Thailand to work at the construction site, leaving Kongka at the age of 12 with the remaining siblings to care for the oldest sister.

However, because she was an illegal worker, her parents were arrested by the authorities and sentenced to 1 month in prison, so they could not send money home. Kongka and his siblings had to find a non-governmental organization called an NGO to take refuge in. The rest of the time, the family moved to live with her aunt in Phnom Penh. But in her new place, she only received support for accommodation and food, and not education.

Thanks to the positive inspirational story, Kongka Chan is currently a very suitable beauty to send to the Miss Universe 2020. And if she is determined to become a member of Miss Universe Cambodia 2020, Kongka will Not only is she a strong competitor to other beauties but she is also the ideal representative of Cambodia in the Miss Universe arena.

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