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Why The Number Of Deaths From COVID-19 In Singapore Is Low

Singapore recorded more than 16,000 cases of Covid-19, but so far only 14 have died. The young population, strong health system and obedience to the elderly at home are three reasons for Singapore's success in saving lives.

Singapore from the "role model" worth learning about anti-epidemic Covid-19 has become the center of Southeast Asia epidemic, with more than 16,000 cases. However, the country is still considered to have achieved success in the fight against disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), because Singapore has only 14 deaths so far. 

Public health measures in Singapore have the main purpose of saving people's lives and achieving remarkable results.
The global average corona virus mortality rate is 70/1000 cases. This rate in Singapore is 0.85 / 1,000 cases. The ratio in neighboring Malaysia is 17 and Indonesia is 84. Belgium is the country with the highest mortality rate in the world with 153 deaths / 1,000 infections. The ratio in the US and China is about 56.

Explaining the cause of the corona virus mortality rate in Singapore is low, experts say there are three main reasons. According to Leong Hoe Nam, Singapore's infectious disease expert on SCMP, these reasons include:
Firstly, most cases in Singapore are young people. More than 90% of the cases were migrant and low-income workers living in large dormitories.

Because most people infected with corona virus in dormitories have only mild symptoms, they are treated in community isolation facilities instead of hospitals. As such, health facilities are not overloaded and can take better care of critical cases.   

The second reason that helps Singapore reduce the death rate due to Covid-19, is that the elderly people with chronic diseases strictly comply with the requirements of the government. These are vulnerable to the disease, but they have strictly complied with government requests, thereby significantly reducing the risk of virus infection. 

In addition to regular speeches on national television, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong this month also issued a special appeal to the elderly, urging them not to go out. 

Another reason Singapore has successfully saved the lives of Covid-19 patients is that they ensure they have enough equipment to treat more serious cases, Leong said. Mild cases are being cared for in community facilities, helping to reduce the burden on the hospital system.

The expert said Singapore medical staff are always learning from other countries and getting used to the treatment. 

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