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Wife Of Ex-Minneapolis Cop Derek Chauvin Files For Divorce After Her Husband Was Charged With George Floyd's Murder

The wife of the ex-Minneapolis police officer, Kellie Chauvin has just filed for a divorce after her husband, Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged for the murder of George Floyd.

This latest information was confirmed on Friday night, by her lawyer who mentioned that she is seeking a dissolution of their marriage.

He added that she is devastated about the death of George Floyd and she sympathizes with his family and loved ones and everyone who is grieving on this tragedy that befell Minneapolis.

He then mentioned that she has filled for a divorce, although she has no children in the marriage, she has respectfully pleaded for her children, her parents and extended family to be given security and privacy as well during this trying time.

The ex-police officer, Chauvin was reportedly arrested and charged for a third degree murder and manslaughter of George Floyd which had cause a nationwide protest that had turned violent in many cities in the US. The other 3 officers that were with him during the incident were fired but not yet arrested or charged with any case yet.

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