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With US Record Of 63,000 Deaths, Thousands Of New Yorkers Still Attended Funeral Amid COVID-19 Epidemic

Thousands of New Yorkers took part in a rabbi funeral amid the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the latest figures, the US has nearly 63,000 deaths and more than one million cases. 
Thousands of New Yorkers attended the funeral despite the Covid-19 epidemic.

Dermot Shea, the New York City police chief, said at a press conference on April 29 that thousands of people in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, gathered the night before to attend the funeral of the rabbi Chaim Mertz, who died from Covid-19 infection.

In the face of too many people attending the event, in which some were not wearing masks, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered police to disperse the crowd. New York police mobilized a large force and patrol cars to quickly ask these people to leave the funeral. 

Authorities did not arrest anyone at the funeral, but about 12 summons were later issued by the police to violators during the event.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has criticized:
 "This is completely unacceptable and warns the police will summon or arrest violators at mass gatherings."
“It was an event attended by thousands of people. The danger posed by these gathered events is not estimated. Everyone can die from participating in the event.” 
Mr. de Blasio said.

According to New York police official Dermot Shea, they have warned those who violate the rules on social spacing in the context of a still complicated epidemic in New York.

On the evening of April 28, Mr. de Blasio sent police officers to Brooklyn to disperse the funeral participants. He later went on social media to criticize the move and said he went to the location himself to see if the crowd was dispersed.

“This event shouldn't have happened, it shouldn't have happened again. You are putting police life at risk and this is unacceptable.”
Shea officials said.

Mr. de Blasio said he understood the motivations for the followers to attend the funeral, but he instructed the police to "not tolerate" any mass gatherings.

However, some consider Mayor de Blasio's decision and speech to be racist, targeting the Jewish community and minorities. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, noted that New York City is home to over a million Jews.

In addition, the New York government was also criticized for implementing the "double standard" because police did not interfere with the crowds gathered to watch performances of Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fleets on the same day. This is an event that the US military honors medical workers and attracts thousands of people to the streets, despite the order to socialize.

"A small number of people who do not comply with a community gap need to be given a face-to-face name, but the act of wandering against such a community is an insult, especially when so many are blaming the Jews." 

Greenblatt wrote on Twitter, referring to the Mayor de Blasio's comment.

At a press conference on April 29, Mayor de Blasio said that he regretted the way he expressed his concern about the crowd attending the funeral, but said he did so for the safety of the people. Covid-19 in the US. Meanwhile, Shea sheriff insisted the people were responsible for their actions, regardless of region, ethnicity, or origin. 

"We can't have gatherings like last night."
Shea said. 

Nearly 63,000 people died of Covid-19 in the United States
During the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the United States was still the country most heavily affected. According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the number of nCoV infections in the US is now 1,067,289, an increase of 29,763 new cases in the past 24 hours. 

The number of deaths in the past day also increased by 2,024 new cases to 62,870. The United States also reported 125,949 people have recovered.       

New York remains the most heavily influenced state of Covid-19. According to newly updated data, New York has 304,372 people infected and 23,545 deaths. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the number of deaths in the state over the past 24 hours was 306, lower than the 330 reported the day before. This is the lowest number of deaths recorded in New York since March 30. 

Governor Cuomo added that the state's number of hospitalized patients also dropped to less than 12,000, down nearly 40% from mid-April. Comfort Navy's hospital ship left New York Harbor, after a month to help. Reducing pressure on city hospitals in the battle with Covid-19. 

Behind New York is New Jersey state. According to the latest report, there have been an additional 460 deaths, making it the state with the highest number of deaths per day in the past 24 hours. New Jersey currently records nearly 119,000 infections and more than 7,200 deaths from Covid-19.      

California Governor Gavin Newsom on 30/4 also closed the entire beach in Orange County, after seeing too many people gathered to sunbathe here last weekend. However, Mr Newsom said it was only a "temporary closure order" and that the beaches could soon be reopened after guidance on ensuring the safety of people before Covid-19. 

As many states began to reopen, many experts said that one of the key issues affecting the plan was to address the problem of testing deficiencies. The US has done more than 6 million tests, the highest in the world, but experts say this number is not enough to meet the current situation.

President Trump signed a decree based on the Defense Production Act, forcing meat factories to continue operating due to concerns about food shortages and disrupted supplies.

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