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World Internet Speed Record Broken: 42.2 Terabytes

Australian scientists hit the world record by reaching 42.2 terabit internet speed.

Australian scientists hit the world internet speed record, reaching 44.2 terabit data transfer speeds.

Using a special optical chip that does the work of 80 infrared lasers alone, scientists are capable of providing high speed internet to anyone in Melbourne, where 1.8 million people live.

Scientists believe that the 44.2 terabyte speed, achieved only in the laboratory environment for now, will be available to everyone in the future.

Bill Corcoran, the scientist at the beginning of the test, says that the internet is needed more than ever and if this goes, the global internet infrastructure may collapse in a few years.

With the internet speed of 44.2 terabytes obtained by scientists, around 390 GB of data can be downloaded per second. For example, 1000 HD movies can be downloaded to your computer in about 1 second:

However, as you can imagine, scientists are not doing high internet tests to download series or games. The high speed internet obtained as a result of these tests can be used in many areas from remote surgeries to self-driving driverless vehicles.

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