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Wuhan Records A New Case Of COVID-19 After More Than A Month

Wuhan - the former center of Covid-19 epidemic has just recorded a new case after more than a month of "clean-up" of corona virus.

According to Reuters, the data from the National Health Committee of China showed that the country recorded 14 cases more Covid-19 New in 9/5 days. As of April 28, this is the highest number of new day infections. 

In particular, in 14 new cases, 1 case appeared in Wuhan city - the place where the disease outbreak started. This is the first time Wuhan has recorded a new case since April 3. Remarkably, this infection has no symptoms.

China on May 7 declared all of its provinces and cities to be "low risk" areas. However, data released today with 14 new cases raises much anxiety.

11 new cases have come from an outbreak in the city of Shu Lan in Jilin Province, close to the Korean border. Immediately after the new outbreak was identified, the provincial officials raised the alert level in the city of Shu Lan from medium to "high". 

Earlier on 7/5, the city of Shu Lan from "low" risk to "average" risk. The 11 new cases here are all related, being a family member or interacting with a woman's family member.

The remaining 2 cases were all cases returning from abroad. The committee also found 20 cases of asymptomatic infections, higher than the 15 cases detected the day before.

According to the notice from the committee, no new deaths have been recorded. 

Currently, the number of Covid-19 infections in mainland China has been 82,901 cases, and the number of deaths due to the disease is at 4,633, according to official commission data.

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