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A Nursing mother and three of her children burnt to death in Niger state

burnt down apartment where the woman and her 3 children where burnt

According to reports a mother and her 3 children were all burnt to death inside her apartment at the Nkangbe area of Minna, Niger state, 10th June.

She was reported to have lived with her husband and her co-wife in the same building. According to the report, the intense fire that engulfed the building had started last night burning down the apartment with her and her children while the other wife and her children survived serious burns too.

 According to their neighbor who spoke on the incident mentioned that their husband usually stay in Abuja to work but usually comes back home every other weekends.

The neighbor reported that the fire started out around 11pm, and that the women had cried out for help after they noticed the fire. The fire service men had responded to the call but were not able to do anything because of the doors and windows were jammed due to burglaries.

The fire service men were only able to rescue the second wife through the window when they were able to get inside which caused so much injuries to her including the burns. They were able to rescue the second wife and her children but before they could get inside the other rooms to help the other wife, they were already burnt.

The fire service men also mentioned that the cause of the fire is still yet to be ascertained and the people in the area also reported that the transformer that gives light to the area has been spoilt for a long time and that no none in the house made use of a generator that night.

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