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About 40% of pilots in Pakistan use a fake flight license

he scene of an airplane crash in Karachi. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN)
he scene of an airplane crash in Karachi. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN)

After a horrific accident in the city of Karachi determined due to human error, Pakistani officials began to strengthen the management tightening for pilots.

On June 26, Pakistan Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that about 40% of pilots in Pakistan own a fake flight permit and certificate.

Khan released the information during a preliminary investigation report on the Airbus A320 crash in the port city of Karachi last month.

Accordingly, Minister Khan said that Pakistan currently has a total of 860 pilots working, including a team of pilots belonging to the international airline of Pakistan (PIA), airline Serene Air and Air Blue.

An investigation conducted in February 2019 showed that 262 pilots did not conduct the tests themselves and asked others to take them for themselves.

The investigation process also discovered that many pilots carried a fake license, even without experience of flying in accordance with standards. 40% of pilots who have a fake flight license also include hundreds of "never-before-fly" pilots.

Minister Khan also admitted that it was a pity that many pilots were chosen on a political basis, while many people who were judged with flying ability were ignored. Authorities have sent notices to at least 54 pilots on fraud and so far at least nine people have admitted to using fake licenses.

Earlier in the day, Airlines  International Pakistan announced it would temporarily  suspend  more than 1/3 of its pilots for investigation on suspicion of unlicensed fake fly, is not clear.

Accordingly, 150 of the 426 PIA pilots will be suspended temporarily for investigation. The PIA's move comes after Pakistani authorities made preliminary investigative conclusions on the horrific plane crash in Karachi city in late May that killed nearly 100 people.

Initial investigation results show that faults caused by pilots and air traffic controllers are believed to be the cause of the accident. According to the preliminary investigation report, the pilots were said to be engrossed in talking about the COVID-19 disease, so they ignored three warnings about flying too high and landing when unopened.

In addition, the investigating agency also discovered many administrative violations and gaps at PIA. The incident occurred only three days after Pakistan began resuming flights after the COVID-19 epidemic.

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