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Apple Acknowledges Problem With iOS 13.5 update

Apple has confirmed that users with the iOS 13.5 update is facing several issues with it.

After it was released for iPhone models that support the iOS 13 update, users encountered many problems and the company quickly resolved many iPhone issues with new iOS updates.

Many problems have been identified in the iOS 13.5 update offered to users in the past days.

While some users state that the charging life is shortened after the update, some iPad users have encountered reboot problems. Moreover, iPad users complain that the problem persists even after the factory has been restored.

According to users' complaints, iPhone owners also have problems playing MP4 videos after the iOS 13.5 update.

Apple customer support has acknowledged that with the new update, some iPad models are in the reboot cycle, and there are problems with videos with MP4 / MPEG-4 extensions on iPhones.

However, Apple did not share any information on how and when to troubleshoot problems.

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