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Apple's $1 Trillion Record Lawsuit

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Apple's $1 Trillion Record Lawsuit

An iPhone user in the U.S. filed Apple with $1 trillion in compensation.

US-based technology company Apple has just been finned in some cases that was filed against the company. 

The company’s product user, named Terrell Parker filed a record $1 trillion suit against Apple due to an incident that happened in 2018.

Stating that he had taken his device to the Apple Store due to a malfunction, Parker said in his petition to the court that:
“My phone was replaced with an old iPhone model. In this model, I had to reset passwords and download applications again.”
It is stated that an unavailable version of iOS had been installed on Parker's phone by mistake and may have been deleted by Apple employees.

Stating that he went to Apple's store after this problem, the 39-year-old user stated that the person performing the repair described himself as "crazy".

The same user was on the agenda again, after launching a case in 2019 against the company, requesting a compensation of $2 trillion from Apple in 2019. Last year, the court issued a verdict of non-prosecution for Parker's charges, which demanded compensation for the iPhone 7 and iOS12, each corresponding to $1 trillion.

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