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Barack Obama Appears With Joe Biden And Raises $ 11 Million

Barack Obama Appears With Joe Biden And Raises $ 11 Million

Speaking during an online fundraiser alongside his former vice president and Democratic candidate for the November election, Barack Obama took on Donald Trump. And said he was "optimistic" thanks to the "great start" observed in recent weeks in the country.

Barack Obama the former American president appeared on Tuesday during an online fundraiser for the presidential campaign of his former vice-president and opponent of Donald Trump, Joe Biden. The result: a record collection of $ 11 million.

Always very popular with Democrats, Barack Obama praised the qualities of the one who accompanied him for eight years to the White House. 

"There is no one I trust more to heal the wounds of this country and get back on track than my great friend Joe Biden," he said. It is a serious matter. All that has been done so far is not enough."
The 44th President of the United States, who has spoken on several occasions in recent weeks, notably on the murder of George Floyd and the movement against police violence and racism, also strongly criticized his successor, Donald Trump. For him, the billionaire, the republican camp and the conservative media struck "at the very foundations of what we are".

During this presidency leaders like Putin, Kim Jong-un or Xi Jinping say to themselves, we are not under any pressure, we do not need to do anything for the dissidents we have imprisoned or the ethnic groups that we discriminate because nobody will hold us responsible for it.

But, said Barack Obama again:
"what makes me optimistic is the fact that there is a big jump across the country, especially among the youngest, who say not only that they are fed up with the chaotic, disorganized, petty approach of the government, and who are more than keen to tackle the challenges that have plagued this country for centuries. ” 
"Our country is better, more generous and intelligent than Donald Trump can understand."
Said Joe Biden.

Despite a campaign suddenly paralyzed in March by the Covid-19 pandemic and measures to prevent its spread, the former vice president has taken off in the polls in recent weeks. But, financially, he left far behind Donald Trump, who is campaigning for re-election and has raised funds since joining the White House in 2017.

In May, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party and support funds raised nearly $ 81 million, more than the $ 74 million posted by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. But the Republican candidate could count on $ 265 million in cash, against $ 118 million for the Democrat.

And its collection is not over. The Republican billionaire's team announced Tuesday that it had raised more than $ 10 million last weekend around its controversial meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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