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Britain Continues To Sell Weapons To Saudi Arabia

Britain Continues To Sell Weapons To Saudi Arabia

Boris Johnson, who continued to sell arms to Saudi Arabia despite the court ruling, was criticized by the British media.

The sale of arms to Saudi Arabia was suspended by many countries because it killed thousands of innocent people in Yemen.

In the news in the current issue of the British The Guardian newspaper, the UK announced that the government did not comply with the Supreme Court's decision to stop the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, which it received last year.

The court ruled last year on 19 June that the government did not grant new sales licenses for weapons to be used by Saudi Arabia in the war in Yemen, but also revised the licenses issued so far; however, according to the report, the British Department of Commerce has not revised the licenses issued for a year passed.

The newspaper wrote that in this context, Britain continues to export defense industry goods and services, especially war aircraft parts and maintenance services.

Noting the contradiction in this situation, the newspaper noted that despite the rejection of new gun sales license applications since the court decision, arms exports to Saudi Arabia continued with an old license to sell the same gun.

Andrew Smith, official of the non-governmental organization of the Arms Trade Campaign, whose opinions are included in the news, criticized the government. 

"The British government puts the interests of the arms companies before the life and rights of the Yemeni people. The government cannot be trusted even to comply with its own rules." 
 Britain is known to have sold arms worth £ 5.3 billion to Saudi Arabia since 2015 alone.

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