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Canadian Prime Minister knelt down to protest racism

The Prime Minister of Canada is believed to have publicly expressed the first opinion of a national leader, after the death of black citizen George Floyd was strangled to death by American white police on 25/5.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a surprise move when he fell to his knees amid protesters protesting racism after the death of American citizen George Floyd.
According to CNN, the Canadian leader unexpectedly fell to his knees in a peaceful protest against racism in the US, taking place in Ottawa on June 5.

Trudeau's actions are thought to show solidarity with the anti-racist movement that is taking place in the US and many parts of the world. Earlier, on 4/6, he refused to answer the question whether to participate in the rally or not.

At the protest event in Ottawa, Prime Minister Trudeau made no calls, but clapped his hands and nodded when hearing what was going on. At one point he shouted "Amen" along with the other protesters after a speaker discussed promoting love and justice.

So far, although many celebrities have publicly expressed their support for protesters against racism in the US, world leaders have remained silent. The action of the Prime Minister of Canada is believed to be the first public opinion of a national leader after the death of black American citizen George Floyd, who was strangled to death by white American police on May 25. 

The protest that the Prime Minister of Canada attended took place right in front of the National Assembly Building. Just one day earlier, police shot and killed an indigenous minority woman during a health examination in Eastern Canada. Protests and marches have also been held in many other cities in Canada, including Toronto.

The Ottawa Police Department said the protesters marched in peace and they "respect the rights of people and community members to speak up when they witness injustice." 

"Our mission is to provide safe and secure housing for people to be heard and heard," the agency representative told CTV News. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Public Health Agency asked protesters to wash their hands, clean their belongings, and wash clothes when returning home to avoid spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID- 19.

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