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China enters the country, allowing US airlines to return

China will relax its ban on foreign airlines from June 8, the day after the United States issued an order to prevent Chinese airlines from carrying passengers to the United States.

Foreign airlines can operate an international commercial passenger flight to China every week, starting from Monday 8-6, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said Thursday 4-6. The notice did not name any countries.

China has allowed a number of flights from foreign airlines under the Five One policy to be introduced in March, limiting international airlines to just one flight per week.

Airlines are not allowed to operate more flights than March 12, which means that U.S. carriers are eliminated because they suspended passenger services to and from China because of earlier coronavirus case.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said last month that China had violated a bilateral agreement for failing to meet Delta Air Lines Inc.'s request and United Airlines Holdings Inc. to reopen the flight.

Delta initially sought to restart services in China on June 1, but was unable to because the Chinese authorities did not approve the application. Meanwhile, four Chinese airlines still maintain flights to and from US airports.

On Tuesday, the United States announced that it would stop the passenger services of Chinese airlines from June 16, although President Donald Trump may impose the ban sooner if he chooses.

A Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, James Teo, said the U.S. ban on flights would not do much damage to China, as only 6.5% of the revenue of the Chinese non-Chinese carrier in 2019 from North America routes.

China Eastern and China Southern also get most of their revenue from the domestic market, and even more after international routes are limited by the virus.

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