Chinese professor convicted of economic espionage in the US

Chinese professor convicted of economic espionage in the US

The US judge has charged a Chinese professor with stealing trade secrets and economic espionage.

The incident is the latest blow the Trump administration has targeted Chinese scientists and engineers.

In an extraordinary live trial between the Covid-19 pandemic on June 26, a federal judge in San Jose, California, declared Professor Hao Zhang of China guilty. Arrested in Los Angeles in 2015 for a conference, Zhang was charged with conspiracy with another colleague from Southern California University to steal and sell US secrets to the Chinese Government and military through a shell company in the Cayman Islands.

Zhang was convicted in the context of the United States aggressively combating the theft of intellectual property assets that the Chinese have carried out since the time of former President Barack Obama and continue under the Trump Administration. Currently, the United States is applying strict surveillance measures to Chinese scientists studying in the United States.

Returning to Zhang's case, this man was sentenced to 15 years for economic espionage and 10 years for commercial theft.

The US court's ruling took place in the context of the relationship between the two largest economies in the world is getting worse. Despite a meeting between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Chinese counterpart in Hawaii at the end of last week, US-China relations still had many cracks related to the Covid-19 epidemic and the situation in the Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong.

This week, the Pentagon also released a list of 20 Chinese companies it considers to be owned or controlled by the Chinese military. Being on this list puts Chinese businesses at risk of being punished.

Going back to Zhang's case, the Chinese professor's lawyer said what the man did to serve research and teaching at one of the most prestigious Chinese universities on Radio technology, which is used in mobile phones. This action is purely for scientific purposes and not for the good of China.

However, Zhang's lawyer also acknowledges evidence, including email, that contains data on trade secrets. During his defense, Zhang's lawyers focused on espionage, which is far more serious than the alleged theft of a trade secret.

According to prosecutors, the secrets Zhang steals involve the former owner of Skyworks Solutions Inc., based in Woburn, Massachusetts and Avago Technologies Ltd. is based in San Jose but has been Broadcom Inc. acquisition in 2015. 

Accordingly, this technology will filter out unwanted signals in mobile phones and other devices in the context of wireless products have become very popular.

Zhang worked for Skywords after obtaining a PhD in electrical engineering at Southern California University in 2006. Here, Zhang met Wei Pang, who continued to work in Avago. According to prosecutors, Wei is Pang's main accomplice. Both of them returned to China and taught at Tianjin University, one of the leading engineering schools in China.

Currently, only Zhang is tried. This man's accomplice is in China

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