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Coronavirus Has Killed Half A Million People And Infected Ten Million Worldwide

Coronavirus Has Killed Half A Million People And Infected Ten Million Worldwide

The pandemic accelerates in the last week, with America as the epic of the virus.

The coronavirus crisis reached two new symbolic figures yesterday. The number of infections worldwide exceeded 10 million and the disease has already killed at least half a million people, representing an approximate mortality of 5% among the registered cases.

Far from eradicating the virus, the latest counts by Johns Hopkins University only confirm the acceleration of the pandemic in recent days, although it is progressing at different speeds in the world.

While in Europe and the Asian countries hit at the start of the pandemic, such as China or South Korea, the fear is limited to the outbreaks and future waves, the focus now is on the American continent, where lack of control reigns. 

This last week is especially hard in Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 400,000 new cases. Peru, Chile and Mexico are the most affected after Brazil, the second country in the world with the most infections. 

The poor management of the crisis by the Government of Jair Bolsonaro has so far left more than 57,000 dead, with 1.3 million infected.

The critical situation remains in North America. The United States remains by far the country with the most cases and deaths. A quarter of the infections in the world have occurred there, a figure that could be up to ten times higher, according to the American Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). 

The rush in some states to relax containment measures in order to revive the economy has caused the number of infected to continue increasing in 30 of the states. The deceased now exceed 125,000.

The dance of numbers has been a constant throughout the pandemic, not only in the United States. Problems in specifying cases are aggravated in less developed countries, which have greater difficulties in carrying out virus detection tests. 

One of the countries where tests have increased is in India, again in worrying numbers for the 100,000 cases registered in the last week. With 1,300 million inhabitants, it is the fourth country in the world with the most infected. Last Saturday, it exceeded the barrier of 500,000 infections and is approaching 633,000 in Russia. 

Epidemiologists estimate that it will reach one million infections in July. At the moment, the authorities only recognize 16,095 dead.

In China, a regrowth has been detected in Beijing. Official data also assures that there are about 85,000 new infected, most of them in Wuhan and Hubei province, where the virus first manifested itself at the end of last year. 

Despite being the most populous country in the world and the place where the pandemic originated, China does not represent even one percent of the total cases.

Through its director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization already warned last week of a new and dangerous phase. 

Waiting for an effective vaccine or drug that is unlikely to arrive before the end of the year, countries must contain the contagions by tracking the sick, locating and isolating them as quickly as possible.

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