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Destiny of the iPhone Protesters stole from Apple Store

A vandalized Apple Store in Portland.

Some Internet users are skeptical of the possibility that Apple will lock stolen iPhones in the Apple Store.
Many Apple Store stores have become targets of rioters taking advantage of the ongoing protests across the United States.

The death of a black man named George Floyd after being strangled by police in Minnesota on May 25 created a wave of backlash, with protests spanning at least 30 cities in America.
Soon after, the protesters quickly turned into riot. 

The extremists have taken advantage of the chaos to smash and steal items at big brand stores, including the Apple Store.
In Portland, some people smashed a 9-meter-high glass door, rushing in to steal a variety of Apple products, including tabletop displays such as iPhones, iPads, and some accessories. 
Apple Store devastated after protesters broke in

In Minneapolis, an Apple Store was vandalized, leaving only rows of empty tables, tumbling and fire extinguishers.
According to AppleInsider sources, the chaos in Georgia forced the state government to close all Apple Store, employees cleaned the goods in the night to avoid theft.

Another Apple Store in San Francisco seemed to be warned about possible sabotage, so it cleaned up the product, reinforced the glass door, though extremists tried to break in.
A clip on social media shows the flow of people leaving an Apple Store in Philadelphia after stealing items, outside the store is a police car on fire.

As soon as the incidents of theft and theft at the Apple Store were reported, Internet users were wondering what Apple would do with these iPhones.

According to  AppleInsider , all of Apple's display products are equipped with special software that only allows the device to operate if it is in a store. The phone will keep ringing and cannot be turned off if the cable is disconnected.

On social media, an image from a person (allegedly stealing an iPhone from the Apple Store) shows the iPhone's screen showing a warning asking the holder to return the product to the Apple Store.
iPhone stolen from the Apple Store cannot be used

If stolen from the Apple Store, the iPhone's proximity sensor will detect and disable the device. The warning also states that the phone location has been monitored and reported to local authorities.

It's not clear whether other iPhones will show similar notifications, but the image above shows that if they steal an iPhone from a store, the likelihood of it being used normally is almost zero. In addition, bad guys also risk "drinking tea" because the location of the phone is being monitored.

In theory, even with commercial iPhones, Apple can completely lock them remotely if it is found stolen. However, there have not been cases of normal iPhone hijacking from stores locked in this way.

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