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Dozens Of Schools In Japan Are Threatened With Bombing

Thirty schools in the Shibuya district in central Tokyo (Japan) were threatened with bombing which is to happen at around 10:30 am June 8, according to an email that was sent to the Tokyo Board of Education on June 6.

Tokyo police (Japan) on 7/6 said that in recent days there have been many threats to bomb some locations in the capital of Japan.

According to police sources, an email was sent to the Tokyo Education Board on June 6 with content threatening to bomb 30 schools in the Shibuya district in the city center around 10:30 on June 8.

Upon receiving the news, the police force gave safety inspections at schools and proposed plans for students to take refuge in the time frame threatened with bombing.

On the other hand, the Shibuya District Board of Education sent a notice of the incident to parents whose children attend schools in the district, and said the police would regularly conduct patrols to detect the marks. Suspicious signs, ensuring safety for everyone.

Earlier, on June 5, the University of Tokyo also received an email with the content of the same bomb warning on the morning of June 7. The threat has forced the school to close some of its campuses and buildings on June 6 and 7.

On the same day, June 5, Dentsu Group Inc. must also evacuate all employees from the headquarters building in Tokyo after the company was threatened with bombing in the morning of 7/6.

The Dentsu area is located near Tokyo Bay - where many high-rise office buildings, shopping centers and hotels are located. Thankfully, on the morning of 7/6, there was no bombing.

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