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EU-China Summit In Germany Delayed

Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

EU-China summit scheduled to be held in September 2020 in the German city of Leipzig has been delayed. 

This is the announcement of a spokesperson for the German government, which is holding the rotating presidency of the EU, on the evening of June 3. The information was issued by German government spokesman Steffen Seibert on the evening of June 3. 

According to Seibert, the decision to postpone the EU-China Summit was made after German Chancellor Angela Merkel had conversations with Chinese President Xi Jinping and European Council President Charles Michel.

The parties agreed that this summit could not take place at the scheduled time of next September in the German city of Leipzig due to the current Covid-19 pandemic in the world. However, the EU and China will schedule at a different time and will publish details soon.

In March 2020, a China-EU Summit scheduled to take place in China was also postponed because both China and Europe were in the most intense period of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Currently, China has almost returned to normal after successfully controlling the epidemic and recording only very few virus infections every day. 

Meanwhile, European countries have just started to remove the blockade in the last 1-2 weeks and it is expected that by mid-July 2020, the EU will start to reopen the border with other countries outside the bloc.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has high expectations for the EU-China Summit in September when she sees this as an opportunity to push China to fulfill its reciprocal commitments in trade relations with the EU.

However, in recent remarks, Angela Merkel said that Germany's biggest priority in half a year as the rotating EU Chair is to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, restore the economy of countries, members of the bloc as well as promoting environmental issues.

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