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Ex-Chelsea Striker, Diego Costa Handed 6-Month Prison Sentence And Slapped With £482k Fine By Spanish Authorities In Tax Fraud Case (Photos)

Chelsea FC former striker, Diego Costa has just made an appearance at a court in Madrid today, June 4th to ratify a deal he made with some Spanish prosecutors to resolve a case of tax fraud which was leveled against him.

According to reports, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison which he will not serve actually and a total fine of £543,000 after he had defrauded the Spanish state of more than (£900,000) back in 2014.

In the file of case which was published last month, the 31 year old did not declare payment of over (£4.4m) from the 2014 transfer from Atletico Maddrid to Chelsea in his tax return as well as more than (£900,000) in image rights.

Because Spanish laws does not allow penal sentences below two years for non-violent crimes and can be exchanged to financial penalties, Diego Costa has accepted to pay an additional (£32,000) to the (£450,000) in order to avoid going to prison.

Diego Costa has now been added to the list of football stars like Lionel Messi, ex-Real Madrid Manager Jose Mourinho and even Cristiano Ronaldo, who have been involved in a tax fraud. None of them has served a jail time but had paid a huge fine.

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