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Facebook Announces The Arrival Of A New Feature

Facebook Announces The Arrival Of A New Feature

Facebook has announced the arrival of a new feature allowing users to hide political ads. Criticized for not exercising strict enough control over this type of content, Marck Zuckerberg indicated in a forum, wanting to focus the efforts of society on the fight against abstention.

Considered by its detractors as a key player in online disinformation as the 2020 American election is looming, Facebook is finally providing its answer today: giving internet user’s control. As of tomorrow, the company will allow its Facebook and Instagram users to "deactivate" political advertisements.

Criticized for his decision not to subject political advertisements, even false ones, to the fact-checking rules of his platform, Mark Zuckerberg finally spoke via a tribune published this Wednesday on "USA Today": 
"Everyone wants politicians are held accountable for what they say and I know many people want us to moderate and delete more of their content. We have rules against speech that can cause damage. But this responsibility only works if we can see what those who want our voices say, even if we viscerally dislike what they say.”
 Explained the Facebook boss.

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