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Fire Destroyed Amazon's 56,000 M2 Warehouse In The United States

The 56,000 m2 warehouse of Amazon in the US was burned down at 5:30am on June 5th local time.

According to CNN, the fire occurred at about 5:30 am 5/6 (local time), burned an Amazon warehouse and distribution center in the city of Redlands, California (USA). By 11 am (local time), the fire has been controlled.

The fire was rated at level 3, which means that it was very serious. The photo above shows the flames covering the whole building with the roof collapsing and dense smoke visible. Fortunately, the fire did not cause the life of any person working there. 

About 100 employees working in the warehouse were evacuated safely. No nearby facilities of Amazon are affected.

According to CBS, The initial fire was estimated to spread about 27,000 m2. NBC Los Angeles later quoted firefighters as saying that the fire had spread about 56,000 square meters from the distribution centers of many large companies, including Amazon.

In its announcement, the company thanked the firefighters and the response force, and expressed joy that everyone was safe. It is known that this warehouse is operated by Kuehne and Nagel, supporting Amazon to transport large items. Amazon promises to help them overcome this difficulty.

The fire at the Amazon warehouse occurred in the context of violence taking place throughout the United States after the case of George Floyd’s death by police in Minnesota state on 25/5. 

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