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French Media Reports That Macron Is Considering Resigning

President Emmanuel Macron
President Emmanuel Macron

The French newspaper Le Figaro claimed that Emmanuel Macron is thinking of the possibility of resigning his post as the President and then re-running in the early presidential election.

President Emmanuel Macron in France has been having a hard time for a long time now.

Retirement reform, long-standing protests of the yellow vests, and finally the severe coronavirus outbreak, have put Macron in trouble.

After all these developments, Le Figaro wrote that Macron was considering the resignation option.

According to the report, Macron said he was "ready to take the risk" to be able to become politically stronger, during a meeting with some people in London, the capital of England, 15 days ago via video conferencing.

Faced with many crises since sitting in the presidential seat in 2017, Macron was allegedly considering the possibility of resigning and then re-running in the early election next week or months.

According to one of the attendees, Macron said, 
"I am sure I will win because I have no opponent." 
It was stated that Macron must find strong arguments to persuade the French if he decides to resign from his presidency.

According to the Constitution in France, if the president resigns, the President of the Senate takes over as President. In this case, if Macron resigns, Senate President Gerard Larcher will be the temporary president.

No president has resigned from his post to re-run in the country's history.

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