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Google accused China and Iran of attacking the US Presidential election

The Washington Post quoted a Google representative as saying that the email account used for the election campaign of US President Donald Trump and candidate Joe Biden had been attacked by two groups of hackers led by Beijing and Tehran controlled it, but these efforts were unsuccessful.

Shane Huntley, a cyber-security expert at Google, said Chinese and Iranian government hackers hacked the Gmail accounts of employees working in Joe Biden and Donald Trump's election campaigns. However, there is no sign that these emails were successfully cracked.

According to The Washington Post, Google's information is a new reminder that other countries are actively trying to interfere in the US presidential campaign. However, the fact is that this problem has existed for more than 10 years now.

"Perhaps in this way, the foreign powers want to know the thoughts of the future US president. It is also possible that they," like Russia in 2016, "sought to collect related documents to influence the image and affect the election."
The Washington Post wrote.

Meanwhile, the headquarters of Biden and Trump's campaign also confirmed, Google informed them of the "unsuccessful" attack attempts of foreign hackers. At the same time, the election group of the two US presidential candidates this year also emphasized that they were prepared for attacks by anticipating this behavior.

According to Google, the attack was carried out by two groups of hackers APT31 and APT35. The first group is related to Beijing, and the second one is related to Tehran.
John Hultqvist, director of intelligence analysis at FireEye, said the groups were mainly interested in information about the candidate's future policies.

Meanwhile, US intelligence agencies warned that Russia is also actively trying to interfere in this year's elections. According to FBI Director Christopher Wray Christopher Moscow, Moscow "is conducting a secret social media campaign to spread divisions within the United States."

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