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Google Uninstalls The App That Deletes Chinese Apps

Google deleted the app developed by an Indian company that uninstalled apps released by Chinese developers from the Play Store.

The application named Remove China Apps, which was published on the Play Store by an Indian developer, caused all apps published by Chinese developers to be deleted from smartphones.

So when you install this app, all other China-based apps installed on your phone would automatically be uninstalled.

Released on the Google Play Store towards the end of May, Remove China Apps quickly became popular, leaving behind 5 million downloads.

However, Google removed the Indian-based app from the store because it violated the policies of the Play Store.
Developed by the India-based company OneTouch AppLabs, Remove China Apps was originally developed due to the Himalayan border dispute between India and China.

After the app was released, Indian celebrities backed the idea of ​​removing Chinese apps.

Also, with the economic steps it has taken, India has started to control Chinese companies more closely.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while supporting the boycott of foreign goods, stressed that domestic goods should be preferred for the recovery of the economy.

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