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House Of Reps Reject Castration As Punishment For Rapists

Members of the House of Representatives on Thursday June 4th rejected the Castration Punishment for rapists.

During a debate on the motion of increased sexual violence against women particularly the rape and killing of two girls in Oyo and Edo state, Honorable James Faleke made a suggestion during the debate for the punishment of those that are convicted with rape to be Castration.

The members of the house of reps identified weak institutions, poverty, poor enforcement and unacceptable social practices as one of the reasons for sexual violence against women, rejected Honorable Faleke’s suggestion when house speaker, Femi Gbajaabiamila subjected the suggestion to a voice vote.

The house speaker who asked what would happen to some older female who rapes younger males and this sparked a lot of chaos at the chamber. 

Debating the motion which was brought forward, the lawmakers condemned the increase in the number of rape cases in the country which they had described as the most common form of violence against women.

They had added during the debate that not just rape, Nigerian women also suffer brutality and harassment in the hands of security agencies too.

However the house members voted against castration as punishment for rape, while amending the motion they called for a stronger punishment against anyone found guilty of rape. While asking the FG to launch a more effective campaign against rape and other forms of sexual violence against women in Nigeria. 

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