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How to Control Your Child’s Screen Time and Data Usage

Have you noticed how every kid uses gadgets, tablets, and smartphones like a pro recently? Well thanks to technology advancements Kids of this generation now have a very special affinity for screens and latest gadgets.

They now prefer the screen on playing outdoor games, while so many other parents are showing concerns on how new gadgets and data usage are ever increasing.

The fact that there is unlimited data at your disposal does not mean that you should allow your kids over time on screens. According to reviews kids love data and cutting it off is like a punishment to them, though these kids do not understand the health risks that are attached to other things so also they do not understand the health risk involved in overtime on screens and unlimited data usage.

As parents you are responsible for taking care of them and limit what is bad for their health. Do not surrender to the unreasonable winnings of your kids and allow them get harmed.

Here are some helpful tips to limit your kids screen time and data usage too:
        1.    Educate Your Children about Fine Use of Data
Teach them that it is not good to use data just for the sake of using it, at times it is good to spy on your kids and know what they do with the data, know what they are doing online for so long, know what interests them and look for other ways to reduce their screen time and not lose their interest too.

Encourage your kids to make use of Wikipedia, and other educational sites that will help them instead of wasting data and staying long on screens. With this way they will understand the good usage of internet and will get more interested on how to manage their data in order to be able to get the knowledge they want.

2. Tell them about Their Limits
Help your kids to know the importance of limits by disciplining them.

Say no to them playing games on their tablets and iPhones during family time, meal times, bedtimes, and school times.
It is also advisable to install some parental control app on their gadgets to stop some contents and sites from reaching your kids.

3. Address the Problem to Them Effectively
Limit your kids data plans. If they are old enough to make use of this data they will know its importance and how to manage it too, they will understand that it has limitations. Once you reach your threshold you can just cut off the data.

Connect all phones and tablets to the same Wi-Fi in your home and make your kids know that they have a limited time to make use of it each day, communication is the key, explain to them the new rules and do not relent on them.

4. Keep a Keen Eye on the Apps They Use
Don’t leave them alone to their devices. Some of the apps they download to use may be the ones eating up your data. These apps might include; Netflix or YouTube, you can advise them to limit their time on such apps or websites and make use of the data for something more educational.

5. Model the Behavior That You Want to See
Last but not the least, children watch and copy their parents a lot. If you are always on your smartphone, do not expect your kids to keep theirs away. You need to keep your phones away on the certain times in which you have ordered them to do so too.

When your kids see you doing things they copy you, and when you are doing what you asked them not to attempt they will start questioning you and this might lead to them not trusting you, you can get back to your phones after you have made sure to put your kids in bed and are already asleep.

Here are some effective tips:
Make sure to collect all devices at a particular time every night and keep them away in one place along with your phones too, this will allow your kids to drop out mentally from all online activities.

Give strict orders against the use of phones during meal time and other family times, even during outdoor sports.
Encourage them to go into more physical activities like sports in order to minimize their screen time.

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