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HSBC lays off 35 thousand employees

HSBC lays off 35 thousand employees
Britain's largest bank, HSBC, has announced that its plans to lay off 35,000 people in global operations have been put into effect.

In the information note sent to the employees of the bank, it was noted that the plan, which was announced in February but was suspended due to an outbreak of coronavirus, and has been put back into effect.

"We currently employ 235,000 people." 
Said the information note shared by HSBC officials with the AA reporter and signed by the bank's chief executive (CEO) Noel Quinn. 
“We plan to reduce it to 200 thousand in the medium term.” 
 Stating that the layoff plan was suspended due to the epidemic in March, Quinn said:
 "Now many countries have slowed the spread of the virus and are quarantining. We will have to press the button now.”
HSBC lays off 35 thousand employees

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