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Huawei Tries To Convince The UK About 5G

Huawei Tries To Convince The UK About 5G

Huawei made statements in order not to lose its role in the construction of Britain's 5G infrastructure.

For months, the ongoing US and China most affected companies from trade tensions between Huawei last year and Google was faced with sanctions.

The Chinese company, currently one of the strongest companies for 5G technology, was also banned in some countries' 5G infrastructure.

Despite the frequent US warning, the British government has allowed Huawei to take part in Britain's 5G infrastructure as a service provider over the past months, but many US officials, primarily Donald Trump, have reacted to this decision.

Then NATO military alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the role given to Huawei's 5G network in England had expressed the need to reconsider.

Huawei made 'confident' statements to avoid losing its role in building the UK's 5G infrastructure.

The company, which tried to persuade the government by launching a public relations campaign in the past days, wrote an open letter addressing the British government.
"Huawei has grown in the UK. We have been there for 20 years, and we have become an important part of the 3G and 4G networks we use every day."
Vice President Victor Zhang signed 
"We want you to know that we are committed to working with our best equipment for your network operator, as always."
in an open letter in the advertising columns of newspapers the statement said.

The Washington administration wants Huawei not to work with Chinese companies from other countries, claiming that Huawei is collecting intelligence for Beijing.

The U.S. administration, which has long called for development of its own networks with its allies in Europe, especially on 5G, is pressing to keep Huawei Company out of 5G networks.

It seems that this pressure of the USA will continue to increase in the coming period.

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