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"If that $20 bill was a counterfeit, George didn't know it!" George Floyd's roommate says he was a good man who would never use fake cash, take drugs and barely drank alcohol

George Floyd's roommate has just revealed that the $20 bill that had prompted George’s arrest and death may not have been a fake because George Floyd would never knowingly use counterfeit cash.

Alvin Manago, 55 years old who has been George Floyd’s roommate for over 4 years during an interview with DailyMailcom revealed that George was a stand-up guy and if he really used the counterfeit bill at the store which had resulted to his death, he did it unknowingly without knowing it was fake.

He also lamented on why the store employees couldn’t just tell him that the cash was fake, knowing him well as he was their regular customer and regularly patronized them.

 He also revealed that he had met George where they work together at the Conga Bistro Bar and Grill, where George had worked security while he worked at the bar back. Alvin said that he considers him one of his best friends and has been roommates with him for over 4 years now.

George Floyd died last Monday after he was strangled by a white police officer during his arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota for trying to make purchase at a local market with counterfeit $20.  

His death has resulted to protests in many different cities across the US.

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