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It Didn't Happen, I Was There - Woman Whose Name Was Mentioned As A Witness By Peruzzi's Rape Accuser Defends Peruzzi

Aisha, a lady that was recently named by the woman who accused Peruzzi of rape as a witness has just defended herself and the singer Peruzzi, also stating that the accuser is lying.

Earlier today a woman had taken to her twitter handle to accuse Peruzzi of rape when she had accompanied, Aisha to Peruzzi’s house and at night while everyone was asleep he raped her.

To clear the air, Peruzzi went Live on Instagram with Aisha, where both of them had agreed that they had a thing going on in the past but that Aisha has now moved on with her life.

Aisha on the Instagram Live said that she knows Peruzzi too well and that he will never do such thing. She also added that she was there that night and that her friend was not raped that night as she claims.

 See Aisha’s statement in the Live video:
"Please, I have a son that I'm bringing up and I will not want anyone to bring up any dead story that is not true about my son."
 "So I'm not even liking this at all. This is not a real story, like, it didn't happen at all, like, I was there, it didn't happen so please."

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