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Italy Closes A Town In Calabria When More Infections Are Discovered

Italy Closes A Town In Calabria When More Infections Are Discovered

Fear of further outbreaks of coronavirus in Italy has reached the southern region of Calabria. 

The president of the region, Jole Santelli, declared that as of yesterday three coastal neighborhoods in the town of Palmi, in the province of Reggio, are a new red zone to prevent the spread of the virus: they are confined after a focus of nine appeared infected.

Although it is still a very low number for alarms to go off, the governor has prohibited residents of these three neighborhoods from leaving their homes until at least Friday, June 26. 

The source of the outbreak was a father and son who had returned from Emilia-Romagna and who had not undergone any type of quarantine because it was no longer mandatory. 

Among those infected is a 65-year-old teacher who these days was part of the selectivity exam commission of an institute in the area. Exams have been suspended, and all students are undergoing coronavirus testing.

The new red zone affects an area of ​​about a thousand inhabitants, most of them fishermen. The concern is great. Calabria is at the beginning of the tourist season in a year in which the majority of Italians will opt for second homes. 

And, above all, because the spread of the virus in Calabria would be a danger, since the health structures of this impoverished region of southern Italy are not prepared to face a health emergency at the same level as that experienced in the north these last months.

With fear in the province for the summer season in Calabria, the Italian authorities yesterday were also horrified by an EasyJet announcement. The propaganda, already eliminated, promoted the region as a little tourist place due to its "history of mafia activity and earthquakes", in addition to the "lack of iconic cities such as Rome or Venice that can attract Instagram fans". 

Politicians such as far-right leader Matteo Salvini put their hands to their heads, as well as President Santelli herself, who considered the announcement "offensive" and with a certain racist air. 

EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren sent him a letter asking for forgiveness. Calabria is indeed the home of the 'Ndrangheta, the most powerful and dangerous mafia group right now in Italy.

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