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"I've kept this inside me for over 8 years" Woman accuses Peruzzi of rape on Twitter

A woman has taken to her Twitter handle to accuse Peruzzi of raping her in 2012, she also gave details of how the rape had happened.

She said that she choose to speak up now due to the boldness of other rape victims who have been speaking about theirs since the report of the rape and murder of Uwa.

According to her statement, she had accompanied her friend name Aisha to visit Peruzzi at the blocks of flats popularly known as 1004. She claimed that he tried to touch her at night in the same room she was sleeping in with Aisha, her friend but she refused. 

She claimed that she had changed location and went downstairs to the parlor where she claimed that Peruzzi followed her to and had allegedly when she dozed off tried touching her. She added that she objected, but he forcefully shifted her underwear and raped her that night.

She said that she has never told this to anyone because she was scared and that her parents had no idea that she was in Lagos. 
Peruzzi has not reacted to this allegations yet.

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