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Kaepernick Should Have Another Chance In The NFL, Says Trump

Kaepernick Should Have Another Chance In The NFL, Says Trump

Three years after calling him "the motherfucker" for kneeling during the American anthem, Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Colin Kaepernick should have another chance to play in the NFL, "if he has the ability ".

Asked by a reporter for the Sinclair television network about this possibility, Trump replied: 
"Absolutely. If he deserves it, he should. If he has the capacity."
"Beyond kneeling, I would love to see him benefit from another opportunity, but he must obviously be good."
He continued. Before saying, however, that
"If he doesn't play well, it would be very unfair to give him a chance.”
Kaepernick, 32, has not replayed in the NFL since January 1, 2017 and an elimination with San Francisco in play-offs. In the season which started four months earlier, he knelt before the matches to protest against the police brutality against the blacks.

This movement had been followed by other players. And, in addition to his insult then uttered, Trump, supported politically by several franchise owners, had estimated that those who, according to him, such an affront to the flag should be dismissed.

At the end of the contract, Kaepernick had not been retained by the 49ers, and no club wished to recruit him. The quarterback then entered into conflict with the NFL, believing that he was unfairly refused a job, before finding an amicable settlement in early 2019. After which the league organized a training so that he can convince franchises to hire him. 

 Kaepernick's name and his knee on the ground have been rehabilitated in recent weeks, during the very numerous demonstrations against social and racial injustice that occurred in the United States and in the world after the death of George Floyd, during his arrest in Minneapolis May 26. In solidarity, the police knelt down several times.

For several days, voices have been raised in the NFL microcosm, calling for the return of the man who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl final in 2013. Until that of the boss of the instance, Roger Goodell, who told ESPN on Monday that he would "support and encourage" any team that wants to hire him.

This Wednesday, the coach of the Los Angeles Chargers expressed his interest, arguing that Kaepernick definitely corresponds to the style of quarterback that can be integrated into the system that we will use.

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