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Liverpool To Celebrate The Championship In 2021

Jürgen Klopp, the coach of Liverpool, one of the English Premier League teams, said that if they become champions, the fans will be able to hold the celebrations in 2021 if necessary.

Speaking to SkySports from the German press, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp talks about how they will celebrate if they complete the season as winners.

"Maybe it will not be our dream celebrations. But there is always a way, day is coming, when everything will return to normal."
The German coach, who guarantees that Liverpool will celebrate a magnificent championship while saying that:
"Everything will come back to normal day by day. Maybe someone will find the vaccine, maybe the outbreak problem will end, and maybe the infection rate will decrease to zero. That day will eventually come. Here is what we wish, we wish that we can go on the streets and celebrate the championship. Even if next year, we will go to the streets and celebrate the championship. Who can stop us?"
Liverpool, which has a leading position with 82 points in front of its competitors in the English Premier League, which will restart on June 17 after being suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, will face Everton on the road in its first match. 

The UK representative will guarantee the championship if he gets two more wins in the remaining weeks of the league.

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