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Lufthansa To Lay Off 22,000 Employees

Lufthansa To Lay Off 22,000 Employees

German airline company Lufthansa is among the companies that are badly affected by the coronavirus outbreak in the industry.

The company announced that it wants to negotiate collective crisis agreements with trade unions until 22 June, with the intention to negotiate the dismissal of 22,000 full-time employees due to the economic crisis caused by the outbreak.

According to the statement from the Lufthansa Group, it was stated that the layoffs will be in all units of the company.
"Lufthansa's flight operations will be affected by the crisis, with 5,000 positions, 600 of which are pilots, 2,600 flight personnel, and 1,500 ground personnel."
In addition, the maintenance and repair subsidiary Lufthansa Technik's workforce will be reduced by 4,500 people, including 2,500 of them in Germany, 8,500 jobs worldwide due to the restructuring of LSG Group, the provider of in-flight catering services recorded to be affected.

Lufthansa AG, which has 135 thousand employees worldwide, came to the point of bankruptcy due to the coronavirus epidemic that caused global travel restrictions. 

The German government protected the company from bankruptcy by providing a 9 billion euro rescue package.

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