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Michael Jordan To Donate $100 Million To Organizations Fighting For Racial Justice And Equality

Considered to be the biggest star in the basketball world ever, Michael Jordan will donate $ 100 million within the next 10 years to combat racism and social injustice.

As the "Black Lives Matter" protests, which were ignited by the murder of black US citizen George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, continues, the ex-basketball player Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand made an important commitment.

Jordan said in a statement from Brand through the social media accounts that:
"The lives of Black people is important. This is not a statement intended to cause controversy. Ingrained racism that caused the failure of the institutions of our country fully committed to black people's lives to protect and improve until they are lifted in the middle. Jordan Brand and Michael Jordan, we announce that the organization will donate $100 million in 10 years to organizations working to combat racism, social justice, and for greater access to education.”

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