Microsoft permanently closed the entire physical store, can 'lose white' 450 million

Microsoft permanently closed the entire physical store, can 'lose white' 450 million

According to CNN, Microsoft is "withdrawing" from the field of physical media retail. On June 26, the company said it would close all 83 physical stores and shift all operations to online sales.

Microsoft announced that stores in London, New York City, Sydney and Redmond are still open, but operate only as "experience centers". These locations will showcase Microsoft products and technologies such as Surface computers, Xbox, Minecraft games, Windows and Office, but do not sell any products.

So far, the tech giant has opened stores in a variety of bustling locations like Manhattan's Fif Avenue district. However, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, many of its stores are still closed and Microsoft is gradually giving up this business.

Currently, Microsoft is still one of the pioneers in the field of modern software and continues to sell products online. The company estimates it can reach 1.2 million customers each month through online stores at and on Xbox and Windows.

Microsoft Vice President David Porter, said: 

"Our online sales have increased as the product portfolio has moved into digital form. Our employees have been successful in witnessing prove that serving customers online is more effective than any physical store. "
Microsoft said closing the entire store would cost them about $ 450 million before taxes. 

Wedbush analysts said: 
"This is a difficult decision but, but it is a smart strategy for Nadella and the company at the moment. Dynamic is also moving into digital form over the past few years. " 

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